Bas deewangi , deewangi , deewangi hai….To a Wonderful Team! With all my love!


Busy and Buzzing. Testing times.

I ,myself lost it today SEPC and Mrins, Oh God , Sumita Jetley is terrible. I myself can’t handle myself at times but then, I know if I am wrong , left, right or absolutely wrong, I am never right, this is confidential though.
So, cheer up , all you , we are almost touching that high that top notch people feel, and you will agree. Infact, my home is already buzzing with great vibes and am prepared for a celebratory drink , of course you know which one. So, the question annd answer is , ” We’ll walk and make it”.
I have funny instances to tell you people everyday to keep you all going but I too request us all to as well deliver our best, whatever it takes.And we are all doing it already but give me this pleasure to talk, I have a future if I keep practicing my abilities on you all. Would lay down the life for you all but stay on this high that we are on a great journey together. And, infact, I am proud to see the genius of Anil ji, great abilities of Anoop, God ….and Sushma , I mean those military people and you all there in front of them ! And I love how Vikash, Muzammil , Nafees chipped in for sorting out SEPC  today.
Infact, I am getting my regular dosage of thrills just in my mind, how beautiful a plot to develop a routine in life, so amazing, so productive, so military like. Raise a toast in my honor , what a great thinking , this mine thinking.  I was on way home , thinking Jai Ho and reached home completely blank, ready for tomorrow . But, I want apologize openly to Mrinal, Vikash when I crisply roasted my words with fervor of chilling , hot peppers when these guys tested my patience with SEPC.
But, all well in life, I was back to senses next minute and am back to a musical evening already,and there are hopes in front of me , sitting with me. This is the beginning, we are on way, and we’ll walk it together.
And I am glad you accept me as your part.And I admire, the way many of us are keeping track of all other Projects.
P.S. Is it dramatic to read all this? If yes, I am glad. If not, anyway you’ll see me tomorrow morning , Inshallah!

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