To the One Unknown who died in a Road Accident, Last Thursday.

मृत थे तुम, जूझ रहे थे, प्रति क्षण किसी व्यक्तिगत त्वरा के अंतर्गत,
वो सांस जो आखिरी, बची थी तुम में, उड़ेल सी दी तुमनें
उस एक बचे  क्षण को जीने में……..
तुम फिर चल बसे ,
ओ , अनजान जान पहचान।
हम सभी स्तब्ध रह गये।

Published by: Sumita Jetley

I had never thought that writing takes such a heart in me. I never had thought that I and it would be in each other but suddenly I as well know, life is never without it be, expressed and relished in its foremost quiet beauty.

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