Before going on War..Internal Communication & Ms. Jetley .

Disclaimer :
The whole product is disowned by me . I know people are into War mode , only idle  people like Ms. Jetley can afford midnight whims of thinking something different. Frankly speaking , there is nothing in life than sometimes a little laugh on self. I can trash this whole work on my part for I know , this is raw and crude . But then , at a point when all us are busy missing out some deserved fun in life and that too at my personal expense , I would not deny you that opportunity.
Most of the time , I am found lost or stuck,and as usual , stretched in thoughts, almost lounging comfortably in my own world , if it was not infinity, I would have gone non -entity. Anything I said , wrote in the documentation is part of mine mid night ventures, when life is 3D , but believe me it is a beautiful life over there. Lots of laughter, thoughts and music.
Don’t take anything personally. Last and not least, I am a great Utpal Dutt fan, & I with due apologies to him accept that I love his OCD hyper strolls. But, as an elderly person from Arts field, where ever he is at present in hades or heaven, I offer him my bowed head sincerity and devotion , he will forgive me , so will you all.
Amen !
Since ,I am deep down at war, check the waters before you guys splash in .

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