दुश्मनों को चिठियां लिखो , दोस्त खैर ख्वाह हो गये

There are times when the silence of night is drunk with the favorite of people , you love to hear from and of . A similar thing happens to me when I am drunk with the music vistas . Artists , Maestros and God knows , I feel like हम  जहापनाह हो गये।  The luxury is like sitting on a beach , fulfilled , looking at sun at dusk and stepping towards it , the thrill of passing every crystal , crust of transparent that yellow amber black brown unknown chromes . But apart from this , I also want feel that wisdom that joy of talent which is conveyed through Jagjit & Ghulam Ali , of late may be Mehdi Hassan as well.
Question is what happens during the moments ? A high .

दुश्मनों को चिठियां लिखो , दोस्त खैर ख्वाह हो गये ..Just hum and see the feel yourself.


About Sumita Jetley

I had never thought that writing takes such a heart in me. I never had thought that I and it would be in each other but suddenly I as well know, life is never without it be, expressed and relished in its foremost quiet beauty.
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