Historic and yet not history

Certain things when they become too hyper , they lead to confusions. Question is , do you think that History in itself is some sort of confusion? Well , in the civilized world of today things don’t matter, they simply move on overshadowing the traits whatever prevail.

Not at all in hyper or hurry.
Life moves in its own stroll .
Slurred and Blurry !

Things , move on leaving behind stale trails.
Few tales stay back , few are flown off,
Life moves on , strolling its way,
Sadness prevails.

But then , somewhere down the lane, choices are made , unmade. Roads are chosen and ticked off , words are spoken and then quietly blurred down .

I want go beyond the boundaries , just stroll into sun and from there , elope into some horizons.

यह कहानी फिर सही.. हमको किसके गम ने मारा, यह कहानी फिर सही। There are moments, you feel drunk , literally on something. A good company , a quiet evening , the horizons which are simple and yet very intense. This journey is pretty long , not so easy. You wander around , stroll wrong lanes but then , way finds you. Takes you off your feet and then this is a long affair…रास्तों को रहगुज़र से कोई कभी मतलब नहीं ,
पर यह दोस्ती जो बनें , फिर सिलसिले ….

It continues , this warmth , this passionate affair.

जो भी है , सो है , पर मगर क्यों है

Writing is very thoughtful process , somewhere down the lane , it is a mix of what all should be and what all is and questions , of course haunt in a long go.

आक्रोश है
एक एहसास है
ज़िन्दगी दूर ही सही ,
पर पास है।
मैं सोच ही रहा हूँ ,
पर अब यह सोच से बाहिर है
क़ि यह सोच ही क्यों कर है ,
यह मुद्दाये महबत आखिर क्यों है ?
यह खामोशियों का सिलसिला क्यों है ?
जो भी है , सो है , पर मगर क्यों है?

When we are together, and you seem to trust me with yourself.

I lose myself into yourself. Those are the moments , I look forward to. There have been times, we have stumbled on words just accidentally but now I find the words irrelevant between us. Something is changing, has changed a lot between us. Force of that something unspoken hangs over us. We are still stumbling on words but words have left us.

We seem coming closer have come closer. Much closer than the word closer. We both don’t know the tide as yet but still, hand in hand we are walking much closer.Closer than the word closer.