Too much of everything , leads to nothing.

Wow , finally Sumita is emerging . Afresh , smiling and herself . Darkness is melting and taking her into somewhat in arms . I think sometimes there is a mist of confusion that surrounds and then in your extreme silence , you discover something for yourself that it was a phase , has passed .

I think , exactly this happened . Exactly . A dead end , an emptiness which caressed my being inside out , tingled it and made me go frozen thinking I was capable of the projection of whatever it was. So , that meant going through the hell . Was it hell ? Don’t think so . But definitely , this was not depression . This meant , it was something a sort of intrinsic something have no clue but it left me fresh , it left me having covered a mile stone of life .

Yes , the subject was pretty intense . It completely left me a new woman .

That experience is not something that I would be able to put in words , they are the ones I lived . May be a poem might emerge or may be just nothing. But deep down , mind is dancing .


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