Some songs are really very soothing and open up the whole new sky of perception .

Forget the songs , all new story on mind . I was sitting to myself as usual scrolling my mind reeds , clinching whatever best I could find in bits left minus music. I suddenly recollected a character I had come across in my early 20’s , this was a lady who seemed be working for Logistics Sector but had no sense , how to carry herself gracefully . Dare somebody smile .

And suddenly , I felt a shiver in my being , twisting me like a sweating drape , what if I was a panicked sort of person ? Gosh ..that would have been my cross on the graveyard . I love the way things move , systematically , under supervision , being talked , re talked , Damn at times , I get absolutely annoyed if I don’t set sail in and join the off shore ventures. I think , the beauty of work is like that only but if you have been around , it is irrelevant having great achievements but valuable to have insights into things.

I don’t know , I am pretty confused today , should I sing , write , work or simply look at the skies because …

बेकरारी सी होने लगी हैं , पूछो ज़रा………….. something little more wrong with me today.

Day is going to be reserved for unexplained smiles . But , I thought , I have no clue.


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