Braving the Confusions , Moving forward .

This might be the strangest thing though ,

Just to stay sorted . The question is if the sorting is really required ?

And the answer is , ” Yes & its’ good to be sorted and simplicity is a soft thunderous statement ” .

This is something I am sure is the tribute to the little girl who committed suicide over a trifle failure in the exams . Deep down the lane , I would very much object to everything that deters a life to bloom in its full glory , wilderness . Then suddenly a thought dawns , being belonging to carefree breed is somewhat a very much sort which takes away that charm and purity of being an elite in mind. The sophistication & the polish that it requires , the deep thinking that has to go in between , making you or me what we are . How do I expect them to know or blend into that mind bent , I am not at home doing so. I hear around the same things abundant in ignorance , I see many things , hear many things , dread many things and then suddenly I want to come back to my safe world , people I know , people who know me . Sort of bonding , it can be said . And there are dreadful things which I read , hear , observe . What is the ultimate then ? I think , I can’t change every mind set , I can’t as well teach enjoying right things to people for here every individual per his differences lives his own life , at times actually I feel lost spending too much time even with the people I know well , I start understanding them rather too well. I think , in life it is pretty important to be in two perspectives : either you follow perfection perfectly & diligently , or take things in stride and redefine them from stretch . But the thing is , values are cultivated , not randomly picked up . But there is no other substitute either.

P.S. The little girl was working in some house hold if this helps to make some logic of above. I am damned now a days , thinking oddities of life from every single person’s perspective.

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