The upcoming President Obama visit .

Naturally , I was lost searching , thinking how am I going to figure out what am I going to think and write about today . In random , I agreed nothing like the upcoming Jan 26 celebrations with President Obama in presence . Frankly speaking , I am in awe of him just you see , his intellectual capacities . If I am not wrong , he must be in the most powerful and hot seat today but there  is something strong and something vulnerable about him at the same time . I have no clue or deep readings in the political calibre he has but I certainly know he was the force behind arresting ” Recession ” . I would never forget what the world went through , if he hadn’t have this wisdom and aura about him , there is a question mark left for us all to face or to come to terms with thus . Who knows , certain people have an approach and insight which works .

His lack of aggression & integrity of character is strength and to be very frank , this works.

Atleast for him to be my favorite . Cool , calm , composed , highly educated.


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