What it takes to be a writer ? My God ! Great Gods !

I think once upon a time I took it to my head to become a goddamn writer. And that very day would have to go popping black all over the history.

Gosh ! I think I was pretty cool and calm about this whole affair unless or until I was told of writing samples , references , this that work. I completely smile to myself , it is no doubt a blessing to be practicing free flow of ideas than to go seeking approval . I am completely cut into two , I might be missing out on something by not trying so . May be , but at least this shall as well mean my point , keeping originality , flow..blah , blah , blah.

Seriously , Ha Ha Ha , am going back to my Grisham today . No ghost of writing can keep me atleast for today.

Getting the hold and track of things around.

Naturally , once in life time , one doesn’t understand where the things are longing to be . Here , I find that equations are equally relevant if the focus is drawn on the ulterior and interiors of things .

Everyday one learns , relearns & tries to keep learning in focus . This might mean a lot to understand and get hold of the things which is unique and has its great assets , that means having in-depth of things , that doesn’t come easy and doesn’t come that tough too .

One just has to resolve the ulterior of the things , just need to see a degree sentinel through thus.

Crazy Schedules ! Berserk Routine !

Aiyo !

Now , what a crazy schedule means , do ask me. Somehow , by now it is so much a habit to keep working till delivered . It is pretty much in system now. I feel like , ” Great ! , more patient I am , more productive but still I would not love too much rushing for that might mean a bit quality , here and there . But of late , I am also learning to take short breaks in between , like yesterday , huge reading gait.

So , could still walk fast but not without my break , Me time . Now I understand , the corporate concept : Work Hard , Party Harder , I mean short breaks.

Back to Life – Slow but surely.

मैं कभी उदास होती हूँ पर फिर पठार पर लौट आती हूँ
खुश और बिलकुल मैं
निर्भर है  यह ख़ुशी कब तक रह पायेगी अपने गंतव्य पर
कभी एक छोटा सा डर ,
पर निडर , चलना तो मुझे फिर होगा ही
Looks to me nothing can stop coming back to life . Phase passes off , wind passes off bringing along with it some new message , not easy to ignore at all. Call of some phase , which when answered leaves for its way, avoiding bothering anyone.