Why am I frequenting WordPress like a lunatic today ?

I don’t know , amidst my regular day to day work and life order , today suddenly I have burst into sort of this unexplained frenzy of reaching my key pad regularly . Somewhere , in my sub conscious I remember something has been bothering me , some unattended to issues , some unsaid words , and may be in my case life goes into a replay of what was long time left unattended there in the unclaimed , corner of mind. I suddenly recollected having read Late Sardar Khushwant Singh’s routine somewhere , I mean I used to be very impressed as you see getting up at 4:00 , going through the spiritual pretext and then , my God , the writing part . The writer had that sense of time and may be the value of money though coming from high profile ancestry , he was down to earth , may be self made or may be he was joking all the time to keep us in illusion , encharmed but it is not at all to mention that he was very very talented , and coming from me hardly matters , the chap doesn’t require my endorsement . So , back to point , I was wondering that for the modern times , writing comes so easy , people blank headed like me can have a personal blog what else to say , so touching and completely to my own surprise , I think writing when is a serious business , serious as in serious – Amitav Ghosh , Vikram Seth type , I mean the writing for them is life , so real , they live to say and they say only when they have lived it . In our times , blogs are easy to manage and live .

Yahoo ! I have proven my point by not writing anything till the point now.


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