Like minded simple people.

Of course , there are very very simple things in life that matter the most , to me what matters now at this point the most is people whom I love , people who all are part of my life . And that is at this point only , I have so much of clarity & insight gained , for now I think I might have seen the world , for now may be  have crossed those paradoxes which might have belittled my vision , may be I might as well have become a bit more grand for understanding the crux , but one thing ever I acknowledge in my life is that I have tried intensely to go find the highways to sheer understand things , the roads have been disturbingly long but I have been able to trace the right people to walk with . I have not a single clue as to how I can say that my searches have been thunderously correct , I am sure many of the brilliant ones might have been left behind , I might have mistaken in not identifying them , so I know I might have lost the stance thus of something very of consequence but still there must have been something genuine in my life , something which could in the coming times be said helping me rowing in the deep exteriors , something which might actually be a life harbor without my knowing and most of the things are on my mind which might require me to review them but somewhere down the lane , I have no idea what actually and exactly we all are looking forward to and of course , why all in the first place we are looking forward to . In the chaos of times , very settled upbringing , very definite future , I concluded if I can fit into the system , if I can gather the intelligent approach to life , I am through  . A bit concentration & a bit taking familiar roads is all it takes but then I am sure familiar roads is not that what I want . So , I am happy to walk thus with the like minded people . The very those people who have acknowledged this sentiment. I think , may be someone , some people have to take that call , answer that call of within & am happy to have such people accidentally in my life . The people who have dared to dare daring the undared.


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