Sometimes हुज़ूर इस तरह भी न इतरा के चलिए ..

हुज़ूर इस तरह भी न  के इतरा चलिए ..

Some moments are tipsy . You never know what wants to just show up at the door step , you are clueless when things actually show up . That is the extent and cordiality of madness , the drive that makes you go through each and every upheaval very smoothly , extremely with a delicate gesture . There is then a repeat of cluelessness but again wherever there is going to be a cluelessness , there are going to be some clues as well.

But still the joy and cordiality can’t be kept on hold , let them flower , let them flow . You have this distinction of always staying afloat but only with your feet deep down the stream.Let go of inhibitions , set them in a go . Let it go with that the flowing flow.

I mean I tune into this song and suddenly I am afloat , drunk with that charm to challenge back , ” Why not ? ” I would that way only walk.


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