Mirza Ghalib , and his Nazms.

I accidentally got into the mellow moods of Mirza Ghalib and now there is no end. Sometimes , there is just a vague recollection and the immediate thing that comes to mind is some vague humming , some just a void that is required perfection of thought and I am sure it never stops at it , things are always given their due share of mind space and they gain that shape that is required of them and frankly speaking , this can be called further seeping into something reclusive , something which not many people can think and acknowledge but a door definitely opens into somewhat a different mirage and from there onwards it is a journey that has to go on uninterrupted , longer stretches covered in psyche :

'GHalib'-e-KHasta ke baGHair kaun se kaam band haiN ? Roiye   zaar-zaar  kya,   keejiye   haay-haay  kyoN ?

You are What you are .

May be , one has to live to it . Every time , something has to be looked upto , one has to check interiors . There are messages that are inscribed in the body linguistics , psyche potion and that makes up for the cluttered emotion .

I am not apt asking provisions but I am as well asking you not change the view.

Tricky situations.

कुछ बहते हुए बहाव, और सैलाबों को रोकना कठिन है
आसमानों और लावों को मोड़ना कठिन है।

Certain things are damn tricky to bring around , to come around and that might mean going in circles huge ones.