The emptiness in Me. You and Many.

एक खालीपन समेटें हूँ।
मुझमें जहां समेटे हूँ

चुप हूँ और खुद में आसमान समेटें हूँ।
न हिम्मत है , ना ताकत फिर भी
तेरी कायनात में , अपनी बेखुदी समेटें हूँ।

But then , who has it all correct ?

Not Me. We ?

Lost in knowledge of acknowledgement.

Interests are different , interest is different. Sometimes , I conclude in life directions are entirely different . You reach a perspective , a blank perspective with your eyes pretty open . I think ” knowledge ” is something which guides the man. And at times it does surprise me that everything is so well co ordinated , everything is so well aligned , given a chance every series in life , every consequence just is perfect and has not just shown up on the door just by an accident or just as a coincidence.

I believe in the hyper geographical skies of the earth , there has to be some accord and some relevance and some relevance drops by just coincidence and some relevance is completely lost while searching for leads . But ultimately , upto self , how much one wants to follow the lead.


There is always a wait due when you leave. The very moment we part for an upcoming uncertainty , I know that just is for a short while but then sometimes I feel why is it that this gap has to be there .

But then , I believe certain things are to just move in tangles , huge , long routes , terrains hilly and scary plateaus. And then after a while birds have to flock back to each other . Long journey , tiring but at the same time , nothing like coming back to each other after a short gap.

I am upset when I am all by myself , I am lost at times but then quietly we are again together to separate again .But I respect this thing between us , ” this wait. ”