Importance of feeling alive and connected.


 After a long time , I finally decided speak up , speak up for myself , I think makes sense to talk sense at times. There are times when you hear nothing but noises around you . 


So , that might be the time to stand up for your own . Holding on to yourself firmly . It matters in that momentum , that held back self . But all in all , it requires having a set prioritized mode. And nothing before than joy of being yourself. 




Loudness of words & tones.

At some point , you simply want the noises go away , somewhere off lane , drown themselves in Ganges so that you can sit , meditate on those lonely taverns , just relishing the bandwidth of the silent skies , the Skies who love talking to you .

An affair to look forward to . Some Unknown knowledge bringing itself in realization , inviting a full game of Bridge.

Something has just snapped .

Something , somewhere , somewhat , I have no clue but I have just started drifting into some impossible zones , no idea what all are they but I am sure this is not what I had thought . Just a hell quietness around , just somethings I could not guess would be me.

I know this sounds weird but sometimes loneliness is a welcome change from crowds , noises and voices all around. It is always good thus having something as subtle as nothing except yourself .

Far from the Maddening Crowds .

Everywhere I go , I find myself engrossed.

Is there anything wrong , being honest and frank with the partner about thoughts , mind and body ? I find it elevating and very poised If I initiate a starting , and that means a bit selfish but on the same perspect something very complete which connects me to my basic self . Complete and fulfilled.

Is there something in life that asks for much attention other than being comfortable at all levels , all levels means something where I am able to be passionate and mature at the same point . Something which I can splash and sprinkle on my partner a purity of a passionate surrender and head resting on his chest at ease and at peace with everything. We had a talk yesterday about how much we both love our freedom and each other , the way we are . Two opposites , heady and at the same passionate us .

Nothing worldly and nothing unworldly about us . Just mad about coming close to each other to go far from each other . So natural and unnatural.

Some relations are true to be said made for each other , endorsed by each other , comfortable with each other , madly in love with each other quietly , following each other , just happy around each other . Away from each other but deep into each other .

Accidentally , I have tasted this Wine . I am in love , loved back quiet and quite.

Lost direction ..

अपने कदमों में एक बोझिलता पा रहा हूँ
फिर भी मैं कहीं आज चलता जा रहा हूँ।

एक कसक हैं , अनकही
में बेबाक कहे जा रहा हूँ। .

Still , am walking.