I said something unsaid.

There are times , fears grip . Fears as in real. You want to crawl in a coil , just shun everything. But then again , hope grips , trust in human beings around , the complete naturalness of sad humanity around.

You revive , look forward embarrassed that you thought that way , thus way. And suddenly life cheers up , somewhere deep down from heart , you thought , yes , that was not true . A dream that was. Still there were skies , still there were blooms alongwith the glooms.

Sometimes are distressing. You really lose cool .

Is n’t that cool ?

Faiz — Poet , one can just live once.

मैंने समझा था कि तू है तो दरख़्शाँ है हयात
तेरा ग़म है तो ग़मे-दहर का झगड़ा क्या है
तेरी सूरत से है आलम में बहारों को सबात
तेरी आँखों के सिवा दुनिया में रक्खा क्या है?

If once , once am told to sit all my life and try coming with the wonderful , I would just say…

Please , don’t ask me this.

Let me drink , this stream.

Faiz , lived just once , can’t be interpreted as just once.

जीवन ताल में भटक रहा है तेरा हंसा ..

This song has always touched something very distinct in my heart , the melody it conveys , the playfulness it brings with itself and I have a feeling , I really do fancy a beloved holding the loved one in arms , swaying to the charms of togetherness .

I think , the song has some features which are very apt to the meaningful gestures the two lovers might share with each other . It is a song , with which melting in its beats I feel somewhat organized and somewhat at times complete .

May be I fancy too much or might that be , as it is.

Sudden surprise .

I can retaliate . Yes , if provoked too much . Cornered and may be ignored too much. Certain things always make me feel agitated and I am sure , all of us might have one or two irks and in my case , I can simply go smelling the inconsistency in the personalities , at times it scares me too much .

But , end of the day , I know there is a soft personality but fool proof and after five hours I find myself fool even writing this .

Back to Square One.

And if I want to sum up this writing , I would rather say , this again came to me as a surprise , I am complicated simply.

Sometimes , this always makes sense to stay sane.

But what is sanity as comparison to what all we know ? If given a chance , I would define sanity as something what drives and brings sort of mis settled settling down . Sometimes I wonder , I literally sit and wonder and that makes my day that ultimately what is life , what is this thing called life.

I can just define it as something , restlessness , a longing , a sorted distortment , something which my wisdom says is nothing but a poetic self that wants to be always on a recital spree , breaking some bounds , framing some bounds , restless at times and at peace sometimes.

But most of the times , as Khusrau might like to quote :

Zehaal-e-miskeen makun taghaful,
Duraye naina banaye batiyan.

I just got this hook up with this fabulous composition . Persian and Brij .

Sakhi piya ko jo main na dekhun,
To kaise kaTun andheri ratiyan.

Love ……Life…….Skies………..Flight

सूर्य मैं तुम्हें देखती हूँ ,
निहारती हूँ और चाहती हूँ , अपनी बाहों में समेट लेना।

फिर तुम्हारे साथ दूर क्षितीज क़े उस पार निकल जाना.
समुद्र के किनारे , तुम्हें निहारना फिर तुम्हाऱी बाँहों में सिमट आना

मैं चलते रहना चाहती हूँ तुम्हारे सामीप्य में
तुम्हारी किरणों में…..

मुझे समेट लो अपने में ,
शायद आसमान को राहत हो..

अपने साथ होने से…

Love leaves a complete you . Just you want to embrace it . Breathe yourself in it , to it . Makes you feel loved , just a thought.