Fallen badly in love.

Yes , may be this can be called a very beautiful phase and at the same time , a very confused phase. Sometimes , you get into the other person because you want that extra something of him that defines who is he or she to you and why. I have been blessed having the person I cherish and trust who clearly defines our bonding both physical and at human level . 


Well, this was an eye opening experience . Somebody who can love you to the point of ecstasy and at the same time can just hold you , let you talk your heart out. I have been learning a lot going through this beautiful up and down of balancing two extremities but end of the day I deduce , unless or until you are not going to be taken in arms , indulged …it is practically impossible to learn anything as that of a term like love , understanding . Two people can walk separately but at some point can meet the point of unity. 


My message – Stay blindly in love with Beloved. Spend that teasing moments in each other’s arms and carry that strength ahead , Go spread the exotica of love.

Laughter makes life easy.

Basically just to mention that smile always goes on increasing the value of personality means having more reasons to make it more and more approachable in life.

Smile is something that can be easy go and smile on the other hand could be the one which could be the whole dictum and discretion , one has just to stroll around and at times share a hearty laughter with self.

Keep living……

किस तरह ज़िन्दगी तेरा मैं शुक्रिया अदा करू ? 

सोचता हूँ , सांस लेता रहूँ , और बस जीता रहूं। 
At times , I have thought of binding by rules , setting some fixed patterns and suddenly , I have been the one to snap off those ties and set myself free . And that means , having my life in my hands . Getting it made for what I want it to be.

It takes a spirited zeal to decide what you want of life , that zest , that hunger and that real call for life . No body knows what the answer should be till one day , we have a fall out on something or somewhat . So, what I would like to add is ” Keep Breathing and Breathe gratitude to existence.

Compassion .

Some times , there is always a way to do and say things , one can stay very much connected to the surroundings. That means , any end of the day one can be doing things which might mean nothing at times but I would rather say , end of the day , personality of the person counts and accounts , registers and de registers . The intensity and integrity of feelings are fine tuned , per individual intensities ,acumen and individual persona .And this means having a finality and say , having reason and an unmatched no reason. 

Such a day !

Never went like this  but this went like that today . sometimes however hard we try , some or the other mismanagement gets into lineage. A day when I spent most of that completely in my mind . Crashed Computer , Silent me , Absent Team. No updates posted and just wondering what next could that be . 

Never say die , still . Day is a day , whichever way . i still do love this day. 


One who is in love … is always in love.

मैं जब तुम्हें याद करता। हूँ
एक मंज़र सा गुज़र जाता हैं , मेरी आँखों के दरमियान
एक खामोश समंदर जो सिमट सा जाता हैं
तेरे आने के साथ , महाबत मैं भी करता हूँ
जुस्तजुये महाबत के साथ , मगर जानता हूँ
जहाँ नहीं मिलता सिर्फ ख्वाइशों के साथ

Love says it all , the lost ones , are few , who love staying lost.


कविता के समीक्षक  सोचते हैं के वह कवि मन को जानते हैं 

भीतर के सहज पंछी जब धरातल को  छूते हैं 
पंखों की फड़फड़ाहट सुनते ही 
बोझिल धरती के सामीप्य में 
कुछ अनकहे शब्द पनपते हैं।
Nothing like treasuring some unlived moments. Nothing like lived moments as well , as yet , Perhaps . 

एक परिकल्पना

नारी एक परिकल्पना 

एक अाश्चर्य एक सह प्रतीक्षा किसी पथिक की जिसकी कोई आश्चर्य सीमा रेखांकित नहीं।  
अस्मिता , पराशर एक , सोभ संहिता खामोश दृष्टिकोण 
मैनें  जब भी अपने अंतर में झाँका , हुआ में भाव विभोर. 
That’s a tribute to , my woman.