Bulleyaa.. ki jaaaa naa mein kaun ?


 न मैं  मोमिन विच मसीता , 

न मैं विच कुफ्ऱ दिया रीता 

न मैं  पाका विच पलीता 

 न मैं मूसा न फ़िरऔन 

बुल्ले कि जाना में कौन ? 


Neither am I a believer in the mosque
Neither am I an infidel
Neither amongst the virtuous nor amongst the sinners
Neither am I Moses nor the Pharaoh
Bulleh, who knows who I am

That’s the beauty of being in love , being with love , being love. Somewhere , down the lane , everyone of us is love struck , but the Poets have their own world , poets have their own world , they have their own poems , they have their own verses , they have their own essence , they have their own whims and in the end they are what the heart makes of them. 


But are still clueless , who they are. 

Harivansh Rai Bachchan and his Madhushala Impact on my life …

Jo sachi madhu mein jalaa huaa , kab rautaa hain chiltata hain  ?  I think this was instance where I always felt that I relate to Madhushala in my primary years of life. At that stage , one always find it quite interesting , somebody is giving you taste of high. And it really worked well with my becoming more and more positive about perceptions , and of course , if something could give you such a reassurance in life , you really feel a bond settling down , a comfort level happening . 


Thanks , Bachchan Saheb . 


बिना पिये जो मधुशाला को बुरा कहे, वह मतवाला,
पी लेने पर तो उसके मुँह पर पड़ जाएगा ताला,
दास द्रोहियों दोनों में है जीत सुरा की, प्याले की,
विश्वविजयिनी बनकर जग में आई मेरी मधुशाला।।२४।

: हरिवंश राय बच्चन