Learning Curves and the slowness involved in the Prose .

This is absolute positive that when you decide to have something to do with life , you completely go and surrender yourself to the flow life determines for yourself it is always like you can decide which way and how much would you prefer going , absolute at the versatile level , more and more one thinks can handle the circumferences , more and more the words get wittier , more and more one thinks is getting closer to some crux , the words come to a halt and might require a stringent asphalt to bring out the essence , get going the real sense behind most things , how they score , this pretty shows in the context and makes itself audible in the given scenerio but the words are the ones which do the major talk when they are silent , when one requires somethings that are conversant but at the same time look forward to be hushed over , those are the times we eventually question our credentials , the times we just try to make out and end of the day , whatever pretext , however pretext we aim at reaching a certain in-depth but all it takes in its stride is learning curve and I am sure , that makes the journey interesting , something or anything that adds up to Learning , strays me , pushes me to Learning Curve and that immensely takes me to a different horizon and that means taking my own time to bring myself to the recital of life , And for myself life is nothing but Learning Curve.


Naturally life shall take over its pace , things shall move in a crux of space, multiple issues shall always want to criss cross the way but in the mid of everything , somewhere deep down , I would be requiring a bit of space , read the perceptions, get familiar with all the eventualities and the distances collapse, in a short while new sun eclipses the old one , throws its bounty presence behind the spectacle to look gorgeous , look more than ever brilliant .Just a bit of wait and anxious looking forward to.



This sounds crazily good to have things on hand, whether it’s’ like staying busy or occupied, whether it means having outlets which are defined and at the same time undefined. Certain parameters are difficult to contain themselves for they are pretty meticulously well planned, have that extra chance to mingle with core realities and that too having everything so unique and different, one simply can sit and relax, think of the magic life brings and at the same time think of something beyond, who said that the life happens less crazy when we are sane.


Totality of things and in things is somewhat a mystery , you never know which way you are going to get in , you never know what waits for you and in that manner , it’s somewhat a mutual trust that goes into things , somewhere deep down you look at things , look around for things and quietly you get to know what all is going in the direction , certainty is uncertain and definitely codes are conducted in complete confidence , abilities build up when gross equations are felt and made to work in accord . Matters of heart are just like matters of coincidence they cross your ways , and you gel with them , just something that comes pretty natural , tagged and you follow it up with zeal , enthusiasm and take hold of things , its’ an absolute resolve of meeting up , excellent reason to prop up base cores. This means, sitting up and taking absolute interest in ongoing things, one requires really an effort to put in things to make them work, to initiate, and end of the day life just scrolls brings with it the issues that are on conscience and ultimately things become engaging, one has lot of initiative to talk and wonder about, lot more to be curious about, all frantic, all well consolidated.

Lovely Evenings …

Yes , its’ lovely to have someone closer , to feel the warmth and at point where things match the ardent pace , simply to surrender . Love adds up to wonder and awe , brings passion and extreme sensuous experiences but ultimately , love does it all. Binds , combines and defines two people. 


Kaafir hi keh , naa khaali mod magar , teri aankhon se meh jhalakati hai ..


Sometimes , you have to stop being too typical , a little open mindedness always helps , once that stage presents itself , there is joy of sharing , of expanding.

Sometimes , its’ really nice to have evening to self…

Yes, there are times , you are head and heels in love with something which you don’t understand , most of the time , its’ a simple notion , most of the times you dare not try getting too close to fire but when you do , but when you acknowledge , you find something a different world , a world you know rocks , when you want because its’ yours , you have worked hard on it And you know hown much has got into it.


Enjoy …….