Rational Thinking Helps , Depending Upon how much you want to invest in relation .

This is a pretty lie where everything is on hold , and everything requires attention and in the ordinary set up this is somewhat that makes or mars the entire experience , Getting confused with something which could be really straight and simple , something which could determine the onset , wish only if the things were kept simple , only if there would have been clarity , a bit restlessness to risk , life reaches its logical equation , could be slow and swift but at the same time if logically looked into , turns out to be a gem that sparkles inside out , quite with simple grace and that grace is not something superficial , it is counter product of creativity & factual truth , one can trust and put faith in facts. 

I enjoy keeping you company .

I enjoy small things which we share , a joke here and there , bantering with each other and sometimes just a silly cup of Tea , endless chit chats which are very basic and we really don’t know where it will lead. This is the power of love which keeps the matters in mobility , you lose your heart to modes and modules , correspond to whatever is required and in the end of the day , you comprehend your situation , see what it all stands for and understand what each other’s company can do , possibly speaking , lovers are too deep into each selves . Set them further free and let the matter be. 

Matters of Heart.

In life , what matters the most is ours co ordination with facts , we discover this pretty late in life when we have already done a bit of messing ups . Of course , we learn via mistakes , of course we make mistakes, of course there is no wrong in admitting so thus. And more we try , we come closer to core realities , after all life is not just head , it is also about heart & soul matters , and this thing happens most of the time when we pay attention to most probabilities and they are closer to our heart , dear to our heart . From the heart. 

Tired and at the same time energetic.

Frankly speaking , it has been such a long time I sat and thought , this is like flight I want adhere to . Just this restlessness , Whatever it brings with it , simultaneously things rotate and state themselves per circumstances , too bit hard stand gets in way , what perks me up is looking forward a bit time when I can revive and regain the energies. Takes time but the very phenomenal thing is that after a bit of exhaustion , energy is revived and of course that means keeping margins in mind but given a time , using energies to set free threads of constrictions.

I am not so dumb – I am woman


Naturally , this brings a very surprised expression on people’s face when a woman talks or speaks her mind Her being is understood by just few of her very close set of people who know her sexuality , who love her intensely and may be are possessive about herself and if its’ a dumb woman , its’ very easy to get hold of her , she is always at disposal with zero resistance , I have always been thinking to myself what do we mean by all the same this term where woman expresses herself , she gets the feel of things and quietly retires into mind but then if always she plans staying in mind when exactly the true experience requires her taste the highs of life.

Setting bounds by thinking what all bounds might mean .

Sometimes this is pretty good just to feel the connection , a sort of elation which comes into picture , issues can be handled if not made big issues , there is always a genuine hankering , to prove oneself better and that means all best and bizarre given an equal stature , apprehensions can wait but not much , all the more , all the sames still needs prevail to capture the zeal , who knows which ways one has to go , if has to go. But sometimes the pain in mind is like some burning sensation , mind doesn’t like a burn out but somewhere deep down , mind wants its share of curiosity as well , just to peep around. Space to mind is important at times. 

Need to go slow down.

Frankly speaking , this is strange . As much as we love doing things , there is a point of time when want to pause , just to catch up small knot of breath . Quietly , getting into basics , to know where I stand , I require catching up with Detailed objectives and that means having need to sit and review priorities , setting a right code for everything was never an inconsistent idea. It was always inevitable , always something to look forward to : the need to go into details . 

And for that , a little relaxed mind a must. 

Home Makers for the Life Time.

Now , this was something I was looking today at my LinkedIn Profile. Found it pretty interesting , now having passion , expertise for things worked out is something very tremendous a job , you can think of objectivity if you really like what you see and the sight comes from exactly the kind of impression you imbibe and see . Great exteriors at times are strong interiors. But , in heart , there is a strategy of doing things quite in the lines of perfection . 


Home making is a skill , par perfection.So , I am wondering what I meant…..Home Makers for the Life time.