Technology & Its Joys.

Say for example , I have some pictures to  share & its as simple as to just click them on my Smart Phone , Download them back on the P.C. and here we go , attaching them online. I was the one who used to think that may be at times , technology is a menace where you go doing things in the E-World which only tech world family seems aware about & knowledgeable . But , yes , now I think a little different for may be outsourcing has brought the two corners of the world quite close , just like blended in one and as a matter of fact , we are all not only able to handle technology but it has far bettered our expression as well . 

Christmas Tide.

I have just been thinking of recent that how important it is to have family , friends even just some human contact to feel human . Life is just a present fiasco , keeps on balancing on its wings , up down , swinging , dangling and in a swift go , who knows coming back to its balanced balance , its’ just that the ways of life are nevertheless the same. But at every point , every human being has this straight reasoning , but a single person’s happiness , wish to be surrounded by family members is not all that matters , sometimes it could just be a thoughtfulness in solitude that matters and , even thinking about loved ones work. It happens ..

Thought of you ,
You and Thought .
And here I thought ,
I never thought.


On  ” Thanksgiving ” , I thank for the blessings I have in life.