Lets’ Smile , for a While.

Life is Small, Smile .

Who knows its insanities , who knows its openings , terminations. Once upon a time , there was a Me. Just me , Self the centre . Wanted all attention to me. Years passed , just like it , days rolled into years , years in decades . And in the process , the grind of time kept heavily crushing against receding hairline , Time never waited. When was that , a child of five wakes up , with gawking glitter hope & innocent smile , a Cookie would do to keep that smile. Slight two inches more , the child loses its chubbiness , cookies dumped , cokes flying.Suddenly , the world is different , the world is well bathed in shades of multiple appealing colors. All bright , vibrating joy & abandon . Somethings are good when they are absolutely in their element , right age , right momentum , right balance . Living the life thus with Smile is important , is potent.

Osho : 

Take hold of your own life.
See that the whole existence is celebrating.
These trees are not serious, these birds are not serious.
The rivers and the oceans are wild,
and everywhere there is fun,
everywhere there is joy and delight.
Watch existence,
listen to the existence and become part of it. ” 

Lets’ participate ! Celebrate this Cosmic gift , Smile !