When this Pervert Mentality stop ? When Aesthetics would win ?

I am not a kind of person to come to dash Board to post my views regularly but there are some exceptional incidents which make me sit up & introspect. You would be thinking why Boston Marathon Blast has me to introspect , when I could go straight into word war with some Invisible Mind which has lost its logic & reason for life. I just want to address that mind /minds who are pretty happy causing loss of human life , degrading them to live disabled life , if they are by chance not split into pieces. What do you think you are doing ? What pleasure you gain limbs flying past each other , blood pools , stench of burnt human flesh , screams , helplessness ? If you really mean it , have it in open .Why go behind veiled negativity ? Don’t dare telling , we deserve this fate. Play a fair game .


You may not love life , we do. Do you get it ? If not , try not sharing your negative retaliations towards life , on life. Don’t.