Divorces are the Broken State of Being.

Everyday , meet people , know people who cite things which are nasty , hasty , Dare say , negativity just reeks. I have not across as yet where Marriage is not something to be broken in Courts , for Alimony or supports but a deep understanding with the opposite. Parting with gratitude. I am not asking why part . I am not asking How. I am just thinking , hurting , longing and then belonging , all this leads to misinterpretation of affairs.

Give a fair chance to your Partners , if they want return back to you or else never forget a truly spoken , ” Thank you. ”


Well, Just thought jotting notes about the therapeutic  role of Writing. Frankly speaking , if somebody had asked me about it say , a decade and a half back , I think I would have given sort of childish reasons. And after a while , when I sit today & punch keys , I find it something so deep in me rising and falling , tidal and you know what ? It derives its passion  & fertility from deltas of heart  , mind & soul. And the words emerge on horizons. And sometimes , they just catch a grip hold on you , and try pursuing you instead of you chasing them & sometimes , it is complete nothing. Blockade. That’s the time when the potentials of the writer is tested , living with that vacuum . And the thing is , what brings him to this addicted condition ?

I was just reading Beats Poetry , they are talking about irony of being a poet. What exactly happens ? Complete insane.I came to complete this writing because I wanted to say , sometimes words Print inside out a person . Exhale. Inhale and then they form themselves just like an embryo , fully protected and well received.