Pervert People and some Unspoken Languages should be Interpreted and Dealt with . Why suffer ?

Hi !

You people would find the subject of my today’s writing perfect to make you think , if I am in mind. As of now, no , that’s really the case , I am not denying it. You see , we , the women are the ones who are to perceive the unspoken languages . Its’ nice to have that talent but , its’ terrible to leave ourselves exposed interpreting languages we don’t want for ourselves. Educated woman has this edge over simpletons to strike back , Yes, friends exactly . I have a feeling of a shady character around in the mornings during my morning walks. I would deal with it. I have made up my mind.

Woman can be a good and patient catalyst of extraordinary variations . So, what’s the use if can’t handle a simple situation as this . I would go by system and exactly how I want to . Yes, many of you might say , why so early , alter the timings. Alterations are required but not every time in my schedule , at times it is better to get the alterations planned for the shadows who think they are being smart. I have a trait,  I do bring the things in order , when I decide to . I think , this is that one decision of many , I would carry with.

I think , we have to stand for ourselves , I have already taken a stand on my Method of addressing this issue.

The Agony of Strikes & Protests -Two sides .

I am not sure , what brings me to Blog Writing. I prefer quiet self  . Examining the issues but at the same time not imposing my views on others .The subject I chose today is the subject whole first time in my three and a half decades of life , I am paying attention . Agitation & Expression is like two important point of views in Democracy , each having its own significance. The first one to mark existence and the former to ask for existence. Just realized , that is this the only way to mark inclusion & participation in Democracy ? Now recently , we had this Shut down , country stopped functioning , in Karnataka , State stopped functioning as of latest 06.10.2012 , Bangalore was quiet off records 05.10.2012 . A day on the road , how does it sound ? Days altogether on road , how would that sound ? Strongly stand behind Farmers , yes, because of them , we are fed and dressed , civilized. But , Shut down ?

There could be ways other than that to draw a point home . We , educated people , can’t we take over , use our Corporate Managerial Skills to administer our Country ? Simple things , simple people , simple solution – Shut down . But , is it the answer ?